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Sunday 16th May 2021  

Farnham Memorial Hall at Quorn - Addition to Rawlins School - Gift of late Mr George Farnham

Loughborough Echo 25th November 1938

The opening of the Farnham Memorial Hall, Quorn on Saturday, attracted a large crowd.

The Rev. W.A. King, Vicar of Woodhouse and chairman of the governors, presided and was supported by Col. and Mrs. R.E. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. H.I. Dormer, Mr. A Herbert, jnr., Mrs. W. Martin, Mrs. Nihell-Preau, Master George Farnham, Canon H.H. Rumsey, the Rev and Mrs. E.E. Attwood, Alderman J.W. West, Col and Mrs. W.S.N. Toller, Dr. and Mrs. Tuckett, Ald and Mrs. Sarson, Ald. And Mrs. C. Wilson, Mrs. And Miss Brockington, Mr. and Mrs. B. Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. F. Willett, Mrs. And Miss Faire, the Rev. W.F.C. Hargreaves, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Skillington, Mr. and Mrs. W.F.R. Beardsley, Dr. and Mrs. Unit, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Pochin, Mr. and Miss Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. Vicars, Mr. J.M. Peberdy, Mr. W.H. Bream, Mr. J.T. Barker, Mr. R.S. Smith, Mr. B.B. Barrow, J.P., Mr. W.H. Collett, Mr. J. Sparrow, Mr. R. Simmonds, Mr. A. Smith, Mr. W.H. Wright, Mr. J.T. Ball, Mr. R. Siddons, Mr. and Mrs. D. Stewart, Miss Evans, Miss Harris, Miss Bolesworth, Miss Hough.

The opening of the main door was performed by Col. Martin, who said: “On behalf of the County Education Committee of the Leicestershire and the governors of the Rawlins School, I formally declare the new block of buildings to be open.

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