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Friday 30th July 2021  

Quorn Amateur Dramatic Society - Without the Prince

Loughborough Monitor - 15th May 1953

Quorn Amateur Dramatic Society is attempting this week, at the Village Hall, the "heaviest" acting it has yet undertaken - and a youngest-ever cast is taking part.

In "Without the Prince", a three set comedy by Philip King, three of the players are beginning their stage experience. For 18 year old Jean Warren it is the first time she has appeared on a large stage.

Twenty-one year old Norman Bown has his first big part, and John Whitworth (22), who has played a minor part before is tackling his first sizeable role.

Supporting the "youngsters" are Tom Everard and Barbara Whitlock, who have been with the society practically since it began some five years ago.

For "Without the Prince", which Margery Perkins is producing, members of the society as usual, made their own scenery.

The cast: Jean Warren (Mary Weatherhead), Norman Bown (Robert Weatherhead), Alfred White (The Rev Simon Peters), Reginald Metcalf (Ezra Weatherfield), Tom Everard (Constable James Hawkins), Barbara Whitlock (Emma Weatherfield), John Whitworth (The stranger), Ken Barrett (Wyndham Johns), Kathleen Hyatt (Madeleine), Dora Smith (Mrs Peters).

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