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Wednesday 12th May 2021  

King William licence opposition

Loughborough Echo 9th February 1940

Opposing a renewal of the licence of the "King William IV", Quorn, Supt Darling said he opposed a renewal of the licence on the ground that the owner's undertaking for re-building of the premises or a removal of the licence, had not been carried out.

Mr Moss said the undertaking was given at the Adjourned Licensing Sessions last year when the owner, Ald F Stenson, agreed to re-building the premises or a removal of the licence. He had since written to the Licensing Justices to ask for an extension of time in view of the war, and under these circumstances the superintendent formally opposed the renewal of the licence.

The application will be considered at the Adjourned Licensing sessions, which have been fixed for March 5th.

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