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Sunday 16th May 2021  

Old King Bill has a nasty knock

Loughborough Echo 2nd January 1948

Skidding on ice which was beginning to melt under the early morning sun, a southward bound car crashed through a wall into the living premises of the King William the Fourth Inn, Quorn, on Tuesday morning.

After narrowly missing a manhole uncovered by telephone workers, the car just missed the back door of the inn. No one was injured, but the house, one of the oldest in Quorn and reputed to have been built over 400 years, was extensively damaged.

From a large hole in the end wall cracks appeared in two directions running to the eaves of the house. The stone wall, south of the house, was broken down by a lorry about a year ago and had not long been repaired when the present accident occurred.

To Mr and Mrs Fredk. Hammond, the landlord and his wife, in the adjoining sitting room, the first knowledge of the chaotic disruption of their home life came with a terrific crash. Looking into the kitchen they saw a car standing halfway across the room amongst the rubble and broken furniture.

For the driver of the car, Mr Edward Clarence Wright (48), 54 Wards End, Loughborough, manager of Willcox's Bakery, it was the second misfortune experienced when driving the same Hillman 10 saloon through Quorn. Five months ago, near Woodhouse Lane, Quorn, a short circuit in the electrical wiring beneath the dashboard caused a fire which totally destroyed the interior of the vehicle. The car had only recently been returned from the Hillman works, where it had been refitted.

Ald F A Stenson, owner of the "King Bill", shortly before the war received an offer from a wealthy American collector for its purchase. The American planned to ship the building, brick by brick, and erect it in the grounds of his home.

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