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Wednesday 12th May 2021  

Fanny Egan inquest - 1899

Loughborough Herald - 2nd March 1899

An inquest was held at the Apple Tree Inn, Quorn, before Mr H Deane on Monday, concerning the death of Fanny Egan, the widow of Thomas Egan, a tailor.

The evidence showed that on Saturday, February 11th, the deceased woman, who was 65 years of age, slipped while coming downstairs, and though not feeling hurt at the time, her ankle afterwards showed signs of sprain, and next day she was unable to walk. After then she was attended by Miss Burgess, the village nurse, who bandaged the foot daily. On the following Friday she was obliged to take to her bed, and on Monday the doctor was sent for. Gangrene than set in and deceased gradually got worse, and died on Saturday last. Dr Unitt stated that he had attended the deceased for diabetes and he attributed her death to that, but in his opinion it was accelerated by the gangrene. Persons suffering from diabetes were more liable to gangrene after a slight accident than healthy persons. The jury returned their verdict in accordance with the doctor’s evidence.

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