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Thursday 7th December 2023  

Village Hall as wartime canteen - 1941

Loughborough Echo - 3rd January 1941

The village hall, which Quorn people are learning to refer to as “The Canteen,” presents an interesting spectacle when, every day, soon after 1 o’clock a crowd of well-filled employees of Messrs M Wright & Sons streams out and hurries back to work at a rate that sends a shudder down the spine of those whose motto is “after dinner rest awhile”. On Christmas Eve, when a concert was given to the evacuees of the village, it was realised that the hall has ceased to be in any real sense a place for concerts, for the structure of the interior now necessitates a high board screen in front of the platform, behind which the pianist vainly tried to hear and accompany the singers on the floor of the hall. One might perhaps hope that the management will arrange that the screen may be made moveable for future similar events. But on Monday, when a lunch-time concert was given the performers, Connie Leonard (comedienne), Margaret Purdon (soprano), Margery Yardley (pianist), and Leslie Rome (comedian) laboured under no such difficulty for a platform and piano had been placed in the hall, with the result that everyone went back to work with a smile of something more than mere repletion.

Even the most inveterate concern goer must admit that the Village Hall is probably doing more good to more people today than it has ever done in the past. And that is saying a great deal.

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