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Mary Ackroyd - inquest 1899

Loughborough Herald - 16th November 1899

Fatal fall downstairs

On Thursday evening the deputy-coroner, Mr H J Deane, held an inquest at the White Horse Inn, touching the death of Mary Ackroyd, a widow, 64 years of age.

Mary Ann Brewin, wife of George Brewin, living at York Cottage, Barrow-lane, said the deceased was her aunt, and resided with her. About five o’clock on Tuesday morning she heard someone moving in the passage upstairs, and on going there saw her aunt feeling her way about. She said she wanted some matches, and witness told her to wait until he had found some.

She went into the room and got a light, but before she could get back she heard her aunt say, “Oh, I am going”, There was a fall, and she and her husband went to the bottom of the stairs and found the deceased lying there. With assistance she was put to bed, and she died on Thursday morning. Deceased had been under the care of a doctor for some time. She had a stroke a while ago and had had subsequent attacks.

She had been up in the night, and had been unable to find her bed again. Geo Brewin, the husband, also gave evidence. Dr C A Malony, assistant to Dr Unitt, said the deceased had been a patient for some time. Dr Unitt and he attended the deceased until death. She had been suffering from a weak heart, and was subject to attacks of fainting. He thought death was due to concussion of the brain, caused by the fall. A verdict of accidental death was returned by the jury.

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