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Tuesday 30th November 2021  

Jack Martin is the man with a whist record - 1959

Loughborough Monitor - 1st May 1959

Jack Martin of 47 Barrow Road is a man with a record. In the past 20 years, 61 year old Mr Martin has been M.C. at more than 2,700 whist drives. Two or three times a week he takes charge at drives in the village, doing his bit towards raising funds for organisations of all kinds.

His long service to the game of whist started at the beginning of the last war, when his powerful voice and pleasant personality elected him to the job, which he enjoys so much. During those war years he put in as many as five nights a week "calling trumps". Since then almost every organisation in the village has called on Mr Martin to run their whist drives. Rather than be a "whist widow", Mrs Martin goes along to play. Mr Martin seldom plays himself unless a table is one player short. He feels he cannot run a drive efficiently and play at the same time.

The couple have organised many money-raising efforts for charity themselves. They have run functions for church restoration, guide dogs, spastic children, British Red Cross, the British Empire Cancer Campaign and the Institute for the Blind.

Another of Mr Martin's loves is his church. He has been vicar's warden at St Bartholomew's for many years and a member of the parochial church council for 40 years. He works at Genatosan Ltd Loughborough, and when not conducting whist drives he has plenty to do for he is secretary of the churchroom committee, a member of the British Legion and Church of England Men's Society. He is also a keen gardener.

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