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Quorn residents warned - 1940


Appeal by Maj.Woolmer
Have your contex fitted

The following appeal is made by Major Woolmer, Head Warden at Quorn: “The ARP wardens appeal to the residents of Quorn to have a “contex” fitted to their gas masks without further delay. Notices have been for some time posted up in the village giving particulars of time and place in each post area where this work is being done, but, up to date, the result is very disappointing.

“The wardens voluntarily spend many hours waiting for you for meet them. It is such a little thing you are asked to do, and it is absolutely necessary for you to do it. Will those who have been remiss please help us to help them? We shall appreciate it, and feel happier with the knowledge that you are all protected in the event of a gas attack. Lastly, don’t forget to carry your gas mask with you on all occasions.”

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