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Thursday 17th January 2019  

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Wartime Quorn

 Military Medal for Quorn Soldier  Military Medal for Quorn Soldier
Loughborough Echo - 20th July 1945 The Military Medal has been awarded to Cpl W ...... cont.
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 Disappointment for Quorn Bride  Disappointment for Quorn Bride
Loughborough Echo - 20th February 1942 Much sympathy is being felt in Quorn for Miss ...... cont.
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 Pte B Allen - Released in March 1945  Pte B Allen - Released in March 1945
Loughborough Echo - 27th April 1945 Gaily decorated house and a big banner with the ...... cont.
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 The War Memorial, Quorn  The War Memorial, Quorn
Newly erected after the first World War, the memorial looks stark in contrast to how it ...... cont.
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 Dedication Ceremony 1952  Dedication Ceremony 1952
Alderman Stenson at the dedication ceremony of the avenue of lime trees on Stafford ...... cont.
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 WW2 training exercise  WW2 training exercise
American soldiers during training exercises in the Soar Valley during World War 2.
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 Decorated carts in Station Road  Decorated carts in Station Road
Judging by the hairstyles and clothing, this may have been a parade to celebrate the end ...... cont.
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 Freehold Street  Freehold Street
Preparing for the V.E Day celebrations
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 Royal Artillery Quorn 1939-1945  Royal Artillery Quorn 1939-1945
Winter Training 1940. Extracted from 'The History of the 3rd Medium Regiment Royal ...... cont.
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 Air Raid Precaution members c1944  Air Raid Precaution members c1944
Air Raid Precaution members wore the mixture of uniform and private clothing which marked ...... cont.
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