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Thursday 17th January 2019  

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Quorn Business and Industry

 Postcard of the High Street, Quorn  Postcard of the High Street, Quorn
This is looking along High Street to Loughborough Road from the centre of the village. ...... cont.
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 Post Card of The Cross, Quorn  Post Card of The Cross, Quorn
This is a view of the Cross taken from outside the Memorial Gardens looking up High ...... cont.
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 Howlett's Bus Company  Howlett's Bus Company
Founded in Quorn by George Howlett in the early 1920s. The bus depot, off Barrow Road was ...... cont.
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 Death of Mr Philip Wright  Death of Mr Philip Wright
15th February 1900 - Loughborough Monitor Funeral at Leicester We deeply regret to ...... cont.
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 Nut Row, Quorn  Nut Row, Quorn
These old cottages stood at the back of what was Quorn Post Office (now the shop in The ...... cont.
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 Wrights's Commanders Carnival Band  Wrights's Commanders Carnival Band
Photographed outside the Bowls Club in 1937. It is believed that the band started in ...... cont.
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 Wright's Mill used as library  Wright's Mill used as library
Inside of Wright's when used as the library prior to the move to Rawlins.
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 Post Office in Quorn Cross c1940s  Post Office in Quorn Cross c1940s
This building has been in use as a shop in one form or another for many decades. It is ...... cont.
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 The Cross c1920s  The Cross c1920s
A good range of shops in business. The building to the right of the Royal Opera House ...... cont.
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 Post Office  Post Office
The Post Office was North's at the end of the c19th and his business included selling ...... cont.
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