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Quorn Business and Industry

Up until the mid nineteen century most industry in the village was cottage based, primarily frame-work knitting. During the 1820s two hosiery factories were established and by the middle of the century Quorn had a sock and glove manufacturer (Websters) and a twist lace, silk net and cotton tatting factory (Balms), located where the Church Rooms are now. Wrights Mill, elastic webbing manufacturers, arrived in the village in 1860. By 1911 Wrights employed over 30% of the working population of Quorn and they are still present in the village today.

In addition to the factories, this section also contains information about the quarry, the railway and shops, all of which had an impact on village life.

 WW1 Puttees! Made by M Wright and Sons  WW1 Puttees! Made by M Wright and Sons
This advert appeared regularly in the Tatler between 1917 and 1919. It is advertising ...... cont.
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 Quorn cigarette tin, early 1900s  Quorn cigarette tin, early 1900s
This Quorn cigarette tin is very well worn and we think is a very rare find. Underneath ...... cont.
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 Quorn meat substitute and our village  a connection or not?  Quorn meat substitute and our village a connection or not?
One question that people often ask is whether there is a connection between the name of ...... cont.
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 Church Room fundraising fete, June 1929  Church Room fundraising fete, June 1929
In 1922 a committee was formed to raise funds for the building of a Church Room. Several ...... cont.
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 Insurance plaques, Quorn  Insurance plaques, Quorn
Beginning in the 18th century, insurance fire plaques were attached high up on buildings, ...... cont.
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