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Saturday 17th April 2021  

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40/42 Station Road - Havelock Coffee House/Quorn Conservative Club

Most of this information was extracted from the original deeds by Joyce Elliott and was printed in the Conservative Club Diamond Jubilee Brochure in 1981. Further additions have been made by Sue Templeman.

No 40 Station Road
The first record held of the building is when it was sold on 1st November 1765. The building was owned by John Cook and his wife Mary. (The original indenture is framed and hanging in the club).

John Cook mortgaged the building at various times and also leased it, eventually selling the property to Thomas Bradshaw (Frame Work Knitter) on 18th October 1787. The building was originally a dwelling house with a barn at the back and Mr Bradshaw converted the barn into a hosiery factory.

In his will dated 16th May 1788, Thomas Bradshaw left the property to his daughter Mary and her heirs. Mary married William Whitehead and she sold the property to Charles Briggs on 2nd November 1837 for 213. Charles Briggs sold to John Coates 12th May 1875 for 212 10s.

John Coates sold the property - now a bakehouse - to William Webster on 29th September 1877 for 218. William Webster, who was a baker, demolished the building and built a coffee house in its place. He died on 3rd September 1884 and in his will he left the coffee house to his wife Charlotte for her life and after her death to his executors on trust to sell the property and divide the proceeds between his two sons John and Thomas. Charlotte died 5th July 1895 but on 28th May 1886 H John Webster sold his share to Thomas for 300. The property called "The Havelock Coffee House" consisted of a club room, cart shed, yard and garden and stretched from Barrow Street (now Station Road), back to Nursery Lane. The coffee house was named after Sir Henry Havelock, a well known General and supporter of the temperance movement. In the 1880s football was becoming very popular in Quorn and in 1888 Quorn Havelock Football Club was formed, based at these premises and playing on Stafford Orchard. They quickly became successful and in 1907/08 headed the Loughborough and District League.

Thomas Webster sold the property on 19th July 1910 to Edward Handley Warner, John Davys Cradock and George White for 300 for use as a club. The Havelock Football Club transferred to the Pig and Whistle (now 60 Station Road) and was disbanded in 1926.

On 30th December, 1919 Warner, Cradock and White sold the property to David Smith Hack, Henry Judd and William Hollingsworth and on 1st January 1920 they became trustees on behalf of the members of the club to be known as Quorn Conservative Association. The Club was in existence as early as 1912, when it became a member of the Association of Conservative Clubs. Up to 1920, however it had no permanent premises. (the first registration certificate was issued some time in 1921). William Hollingsworth died 8th August 1930 and David Hack died 20th February 1946. Archibald Frank Tailby and Edward Cecil Russ became trustees on 1st April 1949. On March 27th 1953 Percy Selvester replaced Mr Tailby. Henry Judd died 7th November 1953 and William Alfred Turland became a trustee in his place on 7th February 1957. Peter Richard Brookman became a trustee on March 7th 1957 in place of Percy Selvester.

Edward Russ died 9th September 1966
William Alfred Turland died 3rd April 1971.
Rex Bloore and Sidney James Waterfield became trustees on 29th February 1972.
Marius Wright was appointed trustee in 1973, to replace Sidney James Waterfield. Dennis Sutton was appointed in 1980 on the resignation of Rex Bloore. Marius Wright died in 1980 and was replaced by John Maltby.
The present trustees consist of Peter Richard Brookman, Dennis Sutton and John Maltby.

No 42 Station Road
This property was owned by Percy William Meadow Wright of One Ash, Woodthorpe. It consisted of a shop, living quarters and outbuildings. At the time he owned three buildings known as 32, 34, and 36 Station Road but these were re-numbered 42, 44 and 46 on November 3rd 1965.

Mr Wright died 25th May 1920 and in his will he left the property to his wife Agnes, she died 22nd February 1929.

Mrs Annie Sharpe bought number 32 on 11th march 1929 and she lived there until she died on 28th February 1960. Her son, Ian David Sharpe sold the house and shop to Leslie and Phyllis White on 31st October 1960, who traded as butchers.

Quorn Conservative Club bought the property from Leslie and Phyllis White on 31st January 1972.

Work was then started on enlarging the club and the various small rooms were opened up into one large 'L' shaped room.

In 1979 three room on the top floor of 40 and 42 Station Road were made into two meeting rooms and in 1980 extensions at the back of the club were started, these consisted of a bottle store, kitchen and large committee room. These were officially opened by Michael Latham, MP on 19th December 1980.

Quorn Conservative Club closed in 2017 and the premises are now a fish and chip restaurant (2020)

Other information is also available on this museum site about the club - search for "conservative club".

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