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Friday 23rd April 2021  

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Fancy Dress Parade at Quorn - 1914

Loughborough Herald - 25th June 1914

For the second time since its formation the Quorn Benevolent Society have held a fancy dress parade. Such a function is generally attractive, and with a full knowledge of the object for which the parade was held, those who took part in it made it a success by sheer enthusiasm for the object in view, the idea of winning a prize being quite a secondary consideration.

The task of judging, which was accomplished by Mr George White, Mrs E W Hensman, Mrs Woodward and Miss Warner, was a most difficult one, the variety of really good costumes demanding the minute judgment.

The first prize-winners were as follows: Dray "12 Exes", group "Maypole", group "Ragtime", "Indian Warrior", "Daily Mirror," "Indian Squaw and child." Second prize-winners: "Victorian Lady", "Organ Grinder", "Black and White", "Cannibals", "Darby and Joan", "Seven Dwarfs", "Scarecrow", "Egyptian Warrior", "Green Frog", "Rags and Bones", "Ambulance", and a "Dray of Roses".

Scores of other characters were depicted, the costumes making a brilliant show of colour. The realms of Fairyland were represented by a terrible ogre, and seven tiny dwarfs; history by Oliver Cromwell, a king's jester, and Indian warriors; sport, by a huntsman in bright apparel; and current events, by Suffragettes, a doctor of music, a coster in his suit of 1777 "pearlies", Italian girls, Boy scouts, a fortune-teller, soldiers, plough boy band, woodbines, Dutch children etc. Chimney sweeps vied with a moon struck maid. Pierrots and niggers, and a gipsy encampment formed a striking contrast to a sick cot and convalescent home.

Leaving the village hall at 2.45pm the procession, preceded by the Sileby Imperial Band, wended its way round the village to the delight and amusement of all residents. Several collectors accompanied the parade. Miss Nellie Beardmore in the garb of a nurse, doing splendid service with the box. The "12 Exes" gave some capital impromptu concerts en route.

A well attended dance in the evening brought to a close a most successful effort, and the committee are to be congratulated upon the success which attended their efforts. The sum of 20 will probably be cleared, and it is hoped that this success will act as a stimulus to other parishes.

See artefact 308, artefact 344 and artefact 424 for photos of fancy dress parades from this time.

 Submitted on: 2009-11-21
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 582
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