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Saturday 17th April 2021  

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Social evening at the Men's Institute 1939

Loughborough Echo - 17th February 1939

A social evening was held at the Men's Institute on Wednesday. There were games, dancing and a spelling bee. Miss P Broom and Mr C Joiner won the prize for "bigamy", Mr H Williamson for musical chairs, and Mrs J Towell and Mr Don Adams for musical spoons. Spot prizes were won by Mrs Fred Facer and Mrs Collins and Mrs Bumpus's team beat Mr Rumsey's team at spelling by 7 to 1, Mr Jack Emerson being time keeper.

A feature of the evening was a display given by Mr Peterson's fitness class, when a dozen Quorn youths, who meet weekly at the Institute showed what can be done in the way of simple exercises, such as springing, jumping and bending, their display concluding with a short boxing bout. With a view to stimulating the lads to further efforts, Mr Peterson brought some of his Loughborough College class, whose acrobatic feats were greatly admired. The Institute is hardly large enough for such a class and it is hoped to hold the class in Stafford Orchard during the summer months. The fitness idea is undoubtedly catching on the village, and there is talk of a girl's class being started.

Bert Hickling played for dancing and games, and Mr Murray Rumsey led the community singing. Mr Frank Bunney, chairman of the Institute, voiced the thanks of the members to Mrs Bumpus and the other ladies, to the British Legion and to Mr Rumsey and Mr Peterson, for making the evening such a success.

 Submitted on: 2009-08-03
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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