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Monday 27th May 2019  

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Wrights Factory Rules, 1946

The poster below hung in Wrights factory on Leicester Road for many years. It dates back to 1946.


July 1946
Rules Relating to this Factory

In order to ensure proper conduct of employees in this factory, it will be necessary to enforce the following rules strictly and impartially

1. Employees cannot legally leave their employment without giving 7 daysí notice of their intention to do so. The company undertake to give similar notice to terminate the employment of any employee. Notice to be given on a Friday.
2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all parts of the Factory. Offenders will be dismissed without notice.
3. Anyone found pilfering or taking property of the Company away from the works, without permission from the management, or misconducting him/herself in any way, will be liable to instant dismissal, or prosecution, or both.
4. Rack and pinion battens must be thoroughly cleaned at least once during the weaving of each set of warps.

1. Employees are not allowed to remove guards from looms, machines or from any moving part unless authorised to do so by the management.
2. It is an offence against the Factory Act 1937 for anyone to approach a moving shafting. Motors MUST be stopped in order to ship driving belts. Anyone infringing this rule is liable to instant dismissal, or prosecution, or both.
3. Only authorised persons, whose names are recorded in the General Register, are allowed to attend to transmission machinery.
4. All accidents, however slight must be reported to the Ambulance Attendants and recorded in the book provided.
5. It is forbidden for anyone to put his/her arm between loom battens and breastpieces. Catches and banding must be adjusted from the front and under the batten.
6. Employees must not, under any circumstances, whatsoever, attempt to get under looms, winding frames, warping machines, or any type of machine whilst that machine is in motion. Nor attempt to clean his/her loom or machine whilst in motion.

Notice of Contract under the Truck Act
As applicable to these Mills

1. All employees must be at their work at the appointed time for starting, and anyone failing to do so, will be fined according to the following scale for lateness unless exemption has been granted by the Management:-
- 1d [one old penny] for first 5 minutes
- 2d for second 5 minutes
- 3d for third 5 minutes
2. Any worker in this factory who wilfully or negligently causes injury to the work or property of the employers is liable to be charged a sum which does not exceed the damage or loss occasioned to the employer by his or her act or omission, and is fair and reasonable, having regard to all the circumstances of the case.

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 Submitted on: 2016-11-13
 Submitted by: Chris Sharp
 Artefact ID: 1959
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