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Friday 13th December 2019  

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Letters from Quorn Prisoner of War Camp, February/March 1946

Quorn POW camp was based in the grounds of Quorn House and the entrance was on Wood Lane, where Northage Close is today. This site had been occupied earlier in the war by the American 82nd Airborne Division, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

Below is a translation of two letter cards sent by German prisoner Michael Gruber, from Quorn camp to his wife Maria Gruber in Austria, early in 1946.

Thanks to Rachel McQuail (from Rawlins) and Steffi Marshall for translating the cards for the museum.

To Frau Maria Gruber, Grafendorf 51, Ost-Steiermark, Austria

England 3.2.1946

My beloved Wife!
Again I am writing to you so you receive mail from me constantly. I haven't received any messages from you since the New Year. There is not a lot of mail coming from Steiermark at the moment. There is a lot of mail coming from Vienna and quick as well. Some within eight days. Maybe there is some coming for me too very soon. Greetings and kisses to both of you. Your faithful husband!

My beloved Wife! England the 5th February 1946

Above all, I am sending you and my lovely little Elfriede warm greetings and kisses from a distance. As I have already told you in my last letter from 3rd February, I haven't received any messages from you since the New Year. Since some time there is not a lot of mail coming from Steiermark. On the other hand there is a lot of mail coming from Vienna and very quickly as well. Today one of my mates got a letter from his relatives that was written on 28th January. So really quickly. However these letters are all stamped with a 50g stamp. As you know is the postal traffic from Austria to England free as well for private post. My beloved wife I know you haven't had mail from me for a while as through the move to this camp I couldn't write for 3 weeks. But I hope that you have already received my mail from this camp by (from?) Christmas or the New Year. Now I will wait with great longings to hear from you again. I Hope strongly I will get some within the next few days. I can't think of any news to write. Just that I hope that the time will come very soon so I can return home. Finally greetings and kisses again for you and Elfriede from your loving and faithful husband! Good-bye!!! Greetings to all!

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