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Wednesday 3rd March 2021  

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Businesses in Quorn - February 1963

In 1963, a young Phil Child, who was born on Loughborough Road, Quorn, (and lives in the same house today – 2012), was set an assignment at St Bartholomew’s primary school to write about his village. Little did he know that this would one day be regarded as a valuable historical record!

The young Phil writes about various aspects of the village including its history and topography, but the he also records the various shops, clubs and businesses in the village in 1963.

Below is his list, with a few additional details to make it easier for us to place them.

Post Office, grocers and confectioners – Mr Smith, Quorn Cross, where Corner House Interiors is in 2012.

Butcher – Mr Hutchinson, Station Road (thatched building)
Butcher – Mr Selvester, High Street, where the Quorn Exchange is in 2012.
Butcher - Mr Hardy, Barrow Road

Baker – Mr Wakerley, Leicester Road, where Wakerley Court is today.
Cake confectioners – Peart’s, High Street

Grocers and confectioners – Mrs Hall, High Street
Grocers and greengrocers – Mrs Adnett, Quorn Cross
Grocers and confectioners – Mr Overand, High Street
Grocers, greengrocers and confectioners – Mrs Harvey, Sarson Street
Grocers, greengrocers and confectioners – Mrs Wallin, Barrow Road
Grocers – Miss Bates, Barrow Road
Grocers – Mrs Clarke, Freehold Street
Grocers and confectioners – Mrs Birch, Freehold Street
Grocers and confectioners – Mrs Paling, Leicester Road
Grocers, greengrocers and confectioners – Mrs Stanfield, Station Road
Grocers and confectioners – Mrs Wilmott, Meeting Street
Grocers, milk delivery and confectioners – Co-operative Society, Station Road, where Bradley’s is now
Greengrocers – Mr Parsons, High Street
Greengrocers – Mr Stringer, travelling

Milkman and confectioners – Mr Allen, Station Road
Milkman – Mr Russ, Nursery Lane

Newsagents and confectioners – Mr Garrett, 25 High Street, now a private house
Newsagents – Mrs Armson, Leicester Road
Newsagents and confectioners – Miss Bates, Barrow Road

Electricians – Mr Halford, High Street
Electricians – Mr Culley, Station Road
Electricians – Mr Turner, Station road

Hairdressers – ‘Enids’, High Street
Hairdressers – ‘Joans’, High Street
Hairdressers (gents) – Mr White, Leicester Road
Hardware – Mr Whall, Leicester Road

Draper – Mrs Robertshaw, Quorn Cross

Shoe Retailer – Mrs Carr, Leicester Road, opposite Village Hall

Plumbers – Mr Webster, Loughborough Road

Tobacconist – Mr Taylor, retail and wholesale, Leicester Road

Fish and chip shop – Mr Dockray, Station Road, where the White Horse outdoor seating area is now

Power, Gas showrooms, Leicester Road, where the Brinks is now.

Garage – The Hurst, Loughborough Road, next to the Royal Chequers, Chinese restaurant
Garage – Mr Allen, Leicester Road
Garage – Mr Stains, Leicester Road

Bank – Westminster Bank, High Street
Bank – Midland Bank, High Street

Doctors – Mr Wykes, High Street, where the entrance to the White Hart car park is now
Chemist, Mr Davis, High Street, where James Alvey is now

Hostelry – Bull’s Head, High Street, now the Quorndon Fox
Hostelry and club – The Hurst, Loughborough Road, now the royal Chequers Chinese restaurant
Hostelry – Manor House, Woodhouse Road
Public House – Apple Tree, Station Road
Public House – Pig and Whistle, 60 Station Road, now a private house
Public House – White Horse, Quorn Cross
Public House – Royal Oak, Quorn Cross
Public House – Blacksmith’s Arms, Meeting Street
Public House – White Hart, High Street
Club – Country Club, Leicester Road, now the Quorn Country Hotel
Club – Conservative Club, Station Road

Police Station – managed by Sergeant Charles Alexander and the village PC is Mr Crowson

Elastic factory – Wrights, large factory run by Mr Michael Wright, Leicester Road
Hosiery/textiles factory – Two Crescents, small factory run by the George Farnham, Leicester Road, near where Armston Road is now
Pattern works – Leicester Road, next to Two Crescents, made wooden garages, greenhouses etc
Joiners – Facers, Meeting Street, made windows, doorframes, greenhouses etc. Where Sanders Road is now, this factory burnt down in the 1980s.

Can you remember more exact locations for these shops, or have you got memories of them that we can add to either this artefact, or other artefacts on the museum site?

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 missing information Missing information: Can you provide more exact locations or do you have memories of these shops/businesses?
Please email us at: team2021@quornmuseum.com
 Submitted on: 2012-08-25
 Submitted by: Exercise book kindly lent by Phil Child
 Artefact ID: 1673
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