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Friday 23rd April 2021  

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The Reverend John Prior's charity

Loughborough Advertiser - 17th October 1872

The Rev John Prior, by Will dated the 23rd September 1830, directed his executers to set apart £200 twelve months after his decease, and to invest the same, free from legacy duty, in the purchase of stock in one of the public funds of this kingdom, in the names of the officiating minister and two substantial land owners or parishioners of Quorndon, to be held by such persons in trust, to apply the annual dividends thereof in the purchase of bread to be distributed annually of the 25th day of December, or within 14 days thereof, by the minister and churchwardens of the said parish, to such poor inhabitants within the same (whether legally settled there or not) as they should think proper; and he declared that the benefit thereby intended for the said poor inhabitants should not be considered as part of any relief they would be entitled to receive from the rates. And he directed that the minister of the said parish should always be one of the said three trustees, and that the other two should on vacancies by appointed by the majority of the inhabitants of the said parish rated and paying to the church rate at not less that £10 yearly, assembled at a vestry conveyed for that purpose by at least four daysí notice given publicly in the said parish church on a Sunday during or immediately after divine service; and he further directed that the trustees should be at liberty, with the consent of the majority of such inhabitants as aforesaid assembled at a vestry to be convened as aforesaid to vary or transfer the stock or fund in which the said trust money should be invested in such manner as should be deemed beneficial. The testator died the 1st day of February 1833, and in the following February the sum of £200 was invested by the testatorís executors, in the names of the Rev Robert Stammers, the minister and of William Baker and Mr John Smith, two substantial inhabitants of Quorndon, in the purchase of a sum of £220 7s 9d Three per cent, Reduced Bank Annuities. The annual dividends, amounting to £6 12s 2d are laid out in the purchase of sixpenny and shilling loaves of bread, which are distributed by the minister and churchwardens at the church in the month of January, amongst the most necessitous and deserving persons of the chapelry. An account is kept of the receipts and disbursements.

Note: This John Prior was the son of Rev John Prior (1729 to 1803)(and Ann) who was a cartographer and teacher, and who was eventually Headmaster of Ashby Grammar School. He was also the curate at Quorn between 1755 and 1763. His Grandparents were Joseph Prior and Mary Prior (nee Freeman).

 Submitted on: 2012-07-03
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 1627
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