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Saturday 22nd February 2020  

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Pigot and Co Directory for 1841 - Quorndon entries

"Pigot and Co.'s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of the Counties of York, Leicester & Rutland, Lincoln, Northampton and Nottingham" - Extracts of the Quorn entries

Trade directories are a valuable source of information for both the local and family historian. Below is an extract of the information relating to Quorn from Pigot’s Directory for 1841.

"Rather more than two miles from Loughborough, in the same hundred and parish of Barrow upon Soar, is a neat and thriving village and chapelry of Quorndon, situate at the foot of bold and rugged hills, forming part of the extensive range constituting Charnwood Forest. From the eminences, which are richly wooded, a varied and extensive prospect is obtained over a picturesque and fertile country. The prosperity and increasing population of the village are to be ascribed to the stocking manufacture, and that of warp and bobbin-twist lace - branches which have been introduced here with great success; at one of the principal establishments is produced a beautiful article, called the Tatting and Mechlin lace. Machinery, also is manufactured here by steam power. An episcopal chapel, dedicated to St Bartholomew, and a chapel each for primitive and Wesleyan Methodists, are the places of worship; the living is a perpetual curacy, of which the vicar of Barrow is patron. The principal charities are a National School and an apprenticeship fund. The population of Quorndon chapelry in 1831 amounted to 1752 persons”

Archer & Zaccheus (Machine makers)
Ball Joseph (Baker and flour dealer)
Balm Joseph (Twist lace manufacturer)
Bates Isaac (Wheelwright)
Bates Joseph (Wheelwright)
Biddles Thomas (Gentry)
Biddles William (Gentry)
Bissell William (Turner)
Black John Ellis (Tanner)
Blackshaw William (Butcher)
Bradshaw John (Boot and shoe maker)
Bradshaw William (Boot and shoe maker)
Briggs Charles (Baker and flour dealer)
Burnaby Rev Thomas (Boarding school)
Camm Joseph (Master of National School)
Carver Benjamin (Blacksmith)
Chapman James (Miller)
Clarke William (Twist lace manufacturer)
Coare James (Gentry)
Copeland Francis (Gentry)
Cragg Joseph (Tailor)
Cramp Richard (Baker and flour dealer)
Cramp William (Butcher)
Deacon Charlotte (Gentry)
Deacon Frederick (Gentry)
Disney Samuel (Nail and patten maker)
Disney Thomas (Boot and shoe maker)
Disney William (Nail and patten maker)
Farnham Edward Basil esq MP, Quorndon House (Gentry)
Freeman Thomas (Grocer and tea dealer)
Hardy John (Boot and shoe maker)
Harris Samuel (Surgeon)
Hemsley John (Saddler and harness maker)
Holmes Thomas (Blacksmith)
Holmes Thomas (Publican - Bull's Head)
Humber Richard (Tailor)
Hyde John Saville (Attorney)
Ives Richard (Corn merchant)
Ives Richard (Miller)
Jackson Edward (Surveyor)
Lacey Henry (Butcher)
Marston Edward (Boot and shoe maker)
May Benjamin (Tailor)
Moore Charles (Butcher)
Patchett James (Tailor)
Perry Joseph (Publican - White Horse)
Pratt & Condon (Coal merchant)
Raven Thomas (Corn merchant)
Raworth Rev Benjamin (Clergy)
Rennock William (Grocer)
Richardson Pryor (Butcher)
Richardson Thomas (Butcher)
Saunders George (Butcher)
Simms John (Turner)
Spittlehouse John (Blacksmith)
Stammers Rev Robert (Clergy)
Stone Mrs John (Gentry)
Tacey Joseph (Gentry)
Taylor Edward (Grocer)
Taylor William (Grocer)
Trueman Thomas (Grocer and tea dealer)
Trueman Thomas (Tallow chandler)
Webster William (Hosiery and twist lace manufacturer)
Webster William (Miller)
Wild Samuel (Butcher)
William Taylor (Joiner and carpenter)
Williams Ann (Publican - White Hart)
Woodforth Thomas (Publican - Blue Ball)
Woodrolf Daniel (Gentry)
Woollerton John (Miller)

 Submitted on: 2012-06-25
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 1613

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