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Tuesday 12th November 2019  

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Wakerley’s bakery, Quorn

Wakerley’s bakery was well known in Quorn for 75 years. The business was started by John Joseph Wakerley in Loughborough in 1919, but in 1930 he moved his bakery to 3 Leicester Road, Quorn. Bread was delivered door to door, and then in 1966 they opened their shop. They originally sold offal as well as bread and confectionery, and in 1933 a large loaf cost 4.5 old pence (about 2p).

In later years they had shops in Quorn, Loughborough and Barrow. The business was eventually taken over by John’s son Ron Wakerley, who ran the firm until its closure in 2005. Ron died in 2010 aged 80, and although he had moved to Mountsorrel, he always considered Quorn to be his home. After the closure, the area was redeveloped for housing - appropriately named 'Wakerley Court'.

Judith Court (nee Long) has providing the following interesting information:
The people in this photograph are Mr (John) Wakerley and my sister Frances and I. I am the one at the back. The horse is grazing the verge outside our house no. 25 Beacon Avenue which was unmade in those days. I well remember learning to ride a bike on the uneven stones. If one went up the road, there was sufficient slope to coast down and keep the wobbles to a minimum! Up at the "Top" the road ran at right angles to the top of Cradock Drive and successive families had dumped their ashes in the pot holes creating a smoother surface - easier to ride on while weaving in and out of the puddles. There were also some lovely smooth patches for scratching out hopscotch patterns. My father, Frank Long, who was a keen photographer,took this photograph in about 1950.

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 Submitted on: 2012-04-24
 Updated on: 2012-10-20
 Submitted by: Don Wix, with additional information from Judith Court and Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 1589
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