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Saturday 21st September 2019  

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Missing woman found drowned - 1927

Loughborough Monitor and Herald - January 6th 1927
Quorn Mystery Solved - Missing woman found drowned.

The fate of Mrs Lucy Ellen Facer, who had been missing from her home at 109 Loughborough-road, Quorn, since the beginning of November, was determined last Friday, when her body was recovered from the river Soar. After her disappearance her hand-bag was found on the river bank, and acting on this clue, the police had repeatedly dragged waters in the neighbourhood but without success.

Operations were continued last week, and on Friday morning PC Cave was taking back to Barrow a boat which had been used for the purpose. On the way he used the drags several times, and after passing a spot near the spinney between Quorn Hall and Barrow bridge he was prompted to return to it for a final attempt. His first try was successful, and the body of the unfortunate woman was brought to the surface.

The inquest was held by Mr H J Deane, on Saturday morning, when Harry Facer, carpenter, said his mother was 59 years old, and he last saw her alive on the evening of November 3rd. She had been in bad health for some time, and had suffered from severe burns, and also lately from influenza.

She had never given any indication that she might do away with herself, but had said she wished to die. She was very sensitive and did not like people seeing her.

As she did not return on November 3rd, witness informed PC Cave, and subsequently identified as his mother's property the handbag shown to him by the constable. No papers of any kind had been found in the house. He had made inquiries in every possible channel, and ascertained that his mother was seen to alight from a bus near the gas works. It would not be possible for her to walk very far owing to her asthma.

PC Cave said he found the handbag in the third field on the foot road to Barrow from the gasworks, about a foot from the water's edge and 30 or 40 yards from the path.
From time to time since then the river in the neighbourhood had been dragged. On Friday morning he was taking back to Barrow a boat that had been used for the dragging, and he tried three or four places on the way down. After passing a spot near the spinney he thought he would go back and make one more try. Returning to the place, he found the body at the first attempt.

He fetched PC Childs and the body was removed to the home. The place where the body was found was 1 and a quarter miles from where he found the bag.

Dr J S Strachan said the woman had been a patient for the last 14 years, at intervals, for asthma, bronchitis and heart disease, and in the last 12 months she had been suffering from burns and the shock from burns. The last week he saw her she was suffering from influenza. She had been in a very depressed mental condition, more so than the ordinary depression of influenza. The depression amounted to mental instability. Death was due to drowning and there was no signs of external violence.

A verdict of "Suicide whilst of unsound mind" was recorded.

After the Coroner had entered his verdict, Mr Facer said his father wished him to thank the police and the Press for the help they had given during the time the deceased had been missing.

 Submitted on: 2010-12-08
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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