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Monday 9th December 2019  

Rose Cottage, Loughborough Road

Rose Cottage was a substantial house on Loughborough Road next to 'The Hurst' (now The Chequers Chinese restaurant). It was demolished in the 1960s and the site turned into a petrol station, although it is now occupied by three newly built houses. For over 30 years Rose Cottage was occupied by George White and his family. George White was born in Quorn in 1855, his father was the butler at Quorn House. George qualified as a solicitor. He not only became Clerk to Quorndon Urban District Council, but also managed and owned a considerable amount of property in the village. White Street is named after him. George and his wife Mary had three sons and two daughters. The name of the eldest son, Charles Kirbell White and his brother Frank Cuthbert can sadly be seen on the war memorial.

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