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Tuesday 22nd October 2019  

The Gas Works

The Gas House or Works was constructed in 1853 by the River Soar on land called 'The Brinks' (now a small housing development) near to Leicester Road. Gas was used for heating as well as lighting.

Joseph Camm was the first manager. He was also a schoolmaster, rate-collector and map-maker.

Coal was delivered to a wharf by barge from Derbyshire. Sometimes the smell 'was abominable and detrimental to health' because gas was difficult to purify but these problems were overcome. The coming of gas meant that Quorn was one of the earlier villages to be blessed with street lighting (changed to electricity in 1957). One function a gas works was to sell coke to the public for their house heating and so a weighbridge was installed in 1930. The works were demolished in 1966.

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