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Tuesday 26th May 2020  

Harold Farley - a Quorn War Hero

Handwriting on the back of this photograph reads:

"Harold and Elizabeth Farley presenting the regimental flag and shield to the priest of Lillehammer - the Reverend Gunnar Bondevik. To the memory of our comrades who died in the Norwegian campaign and to all the brave Norwegians who helped us to escape to Sweden.

Standing on Elizabeth's right is Mr Eimar Hoodhaugen who was chief of the resistance in Gudbranisdalen who hid my comrades and I for five days while the Germans were searching for us.

Elizabeth and I present Victor and Marion this photograph who have been wonderful neighbours and friends during our living next to them.

From Harold and Elizabeth"

Harold Farley was sadly knocked down and killed in a traffic accident. Farley Way is named after him.

 Submitted on: 2010-05-27
 Submitted by: Marion Orton
 Artefact ID: 800

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