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Tuesday 23rd July 2019  

Dance Display by Children - 2nd April 1976

Trained by Margaret Lovett, pupils of St Bartholmew's Primary School, Quorn, and Loughborough Fairfield and High Schools gave packed audiences at the Rawlins Community College, Quorn, excellent demonstrations and displays through the various aspects of ballet.

Entitled "Ballet in Progression", every stage from beginner to the more experienced was presented and, by permission of Miss Marle Biei, of Leicester, Susan Clay and Joanne Young gave demonstrations of advanced movements. The children's performances clearly showed the continual need to keep physically fit with constant practice and training in an endeavour to reach the peak of perfection.

Margaret Lovett and her helpers, with the co-operation of parents, are congratulated at having attained such high standards. Over £100 was realised from the performances for Save The Children Fund and Quorn Play Group

Emma Turton (nee Lockwood) has kindly supplied this information:

The girl second from left at the back was Ruth Culver, the one second from the right at the back with the white headband was Carol Hardy.

In the middle row, the girl on the left with right leg showing was Louise Millward, and the girl on the right (with left knee showing) was Sophie Jameson.

The girl in the middle of the front row was called Bridget, but I canít remember her surname.

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