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Tuesday 10th December 2019  

Quorn man hooks 70lb shark 1957

Loughborough Monitor - 2nd August 1957

After a tremendous 20 minutes' battle a blue shark measuring six feet and weighing 70lbs succumbed to a Quorn angler, Mr Clement Culley, last Friday. Mr Culley, who lives at Home Farm, Soar Road, was fishing in the sea 14 miles off Looe, Cornwall. More of a freshwater than a sea fisherman, this is his first big catch.

Commenting on his experience, "It was like having a submarine on the end for a start". After the fist five or six rushes the shark quietened a little, Mr Culley said. "But you have got to get the resistance out of him. Otherwise, when you get him on board, he is not easy to lay out." Mr Culley, who had baited up with pilchards, was using a slipping clutch reel, which is essential for this type of angling. His shark, the only one caught off the boat from which he was fishing, was, as the species runs, of a medium size.

Mr Culley, together with his wife, Mrs Adeline Culley and their son, 10 years old Bryan, arrived at Looe the previous Monday. Bryan is also a keen angler.

Despite his success, Mr Culley, who is an electrician with Rolls-Royce Ltd., does not intend to go fishing off Cornwall again in the foreseeable future. "The roads are too bad" he explained.

What happened to the shark? Mr Culley gave it to Mr Jack Antill, of Mansfield Street, Quorn, who has buried it at the foot of an apple tree in his orchard. The reason? An old belief that this will make the tree grow well and produce quantities of excellent apples.

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