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Thursday 4th March 2021  

From Stables to Modern House - Mr and Mrs Bob Spoor

Loughborough Monitor - 24th April 1959

Mr and Mrs Bob Spoor eat and sleep where many of the Quorn's finest hunters were born and reared, for they have converted part of the stables of Soar House into a comfortable modern dwelling, as can be seen in the picture.

Soar House is now a hostel for Loughborough Colleges students, but years ago it was the residence of many keen followers of the Quorn. Lord Lonsdale, a former Master, lived at Soar House and kept his horses in the stables where Mr and Mrs Spoor now live.

A German prisoner-of-war suggested the idea of converting the stables, so after the war work was begun. Old walls were knocked down, new ones were built and the stable became the ideal residence. It consists of five rooms, all bright and airy with windows looking out onto an attractive garden. In the summer French windows leading from the lounge are thrown open and the warm rays of the sun shine into the rooms. Mr Spoor is perfectly happy in his home. "I've been offered quite a bit for it, but I wouldn't change for anything," he said.

Mr Spoor, a horse dealer, has had long associations with the Quorn Hunt, with which he has ridden many times. At one time the hounds were kept down the road from Soar House at Quorn Hall. They were there from 1753, when they were taken over by Hugo Meynell, until 1905, when they moved to their present home at Barrow-on-Soar.

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