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Wednesday 24th July 2019  

Second annual garden party - 1964

29th May 1964 - Loughborough Monitor

125 raised for parish's room fund.

Mrs P Lidster tries to "hit the rat" at St Bartholomew's Parish Church Fete, Quorn, on Saturday, watched by Canon Percy Lidster, Mr Barry Byford and the vicar, the Rev S A Jackson.

The second annual garden party staged by the Quorn Churchroom committee, held in glorious weather on the Vicarage lawn on Saturday, raised an estimated 125 for roofing work. The opening ceremony was performed by Canon Percy Lidster, a former teacher at Rawlins Grammar School, Quorn. Canon Lidster whose wife is from the village said he considered it a remarkable co-incidence that he should be invited to open the garden party because it was exactly 50 years to the day since he had first set foot in Quorn.

The many prize-winners included Mr C J Coxall, Mrs J Bishop senior, Michael Price, Ann Jamieson, L F Prevost, Lyn Calderwood. The day concluded in the evening with a whist drive in the church room with Mr J Field as MC.

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