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Quorn Fire Brigade and Club refused use of Stafford Orchard for football 1936

Loughborough Echo - June 12th 1936

Quorn Fire Brigade - Suggested Disbandment
Parish Council refuse use of Stafford Orchard to Football Club

The question of who should repair a fence in School Lane was brought up by Mr Draper at a meeting of the Quorn Parish Council on Tuesday. Mr Draper said that the Surveyor of the R.D.C., Mr G T Deane, had called on him to ask who the fence belonged to. "I told him I didn't know", said Mr Draper.

Mr Emerson said the fence enclosed property belonging to the Quorn Town Lands Trust, of which the Parish Council were the tenants, and the repair rested with the two bodies.

A letter was read from an insurance company offering a policy of insurance against fire brigade charges for 16 7s 9d per annum.

Mr Smith thought the matter could not be discussed without also discussing the possibility or desirability of disbanding the local fire brigade.

Mr Draper agreed, but thought the matter should not be decided on in too great a hurry. They were now in telephone connection with the Loughborough brigade, who would be on the spot in case of a fire probably before the local brigade.

Mr Emerson reminded the meeting that the Council had only recently examined the work of the local brigade, and supplied it with certain things for its better work. It would seem odd to disband them so soon after.

Mr Draper: Yes, but we have to think of the good of the village more than that of individuals. Our local brigade was all right when we were not connected with Loughborough as we now are.

Mr Emerson: Of course I realise that we ought not to pay the insurance and maintain a local brigade as well.

The matter was postponed to the next monthly meeting, when it would be on the minutes with a view to settlement.

Application was made by Mr Victor Gamble, on behalf of the Quorn Methodist FC for the use of Stafford Orchard as a ground. They could no longer rent a field as the one they used to have was no longer available and there were no others.

Mr Emerson: We cannot grant that request. It would be against the Trust deed. If we allowed them to play matches there they could not stop people walking through their game, and then some child might get badly hurt. The late Urban District Council refused a similar petition, to which I was one of the signatories, on the same grounds, viz that Stafford is a public pleasure ground. The old Quorn Havelock also tried to use it but were not allowed to

It was agreed that the Chairman and the General Purposes Committee go through the deed and see what can be done by next month, and that a letter be sent to Mr Gamble saying that his application would be considered by the light of the deed and its legal application.

The following were present: Messrs T C Dexter (chairman), W S Green (vice-chairman), F Draper, C Smith, J H Price, W Swinfield, J G Emerson, Hillier Northage (clerk).

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