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Tuesday 26th May 2020  

Quorn Parish Council - Condition of Stafford Orchard

Loughborough Echo - 9th June 1939

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on Tuesday, Mr F W Bailey presiding.

Mr J J Stirling said he had received the sum of 10/- for Loughborough Hospital in respect of damage in Stafford Orchard, and he understood those whose property had been damaged and who had not prosecuted, had also received contributions for Loughborough Hospital.

Mr T Dexter said that the orchard was given to the parish as a public recreation ground many years ago, and it was the Parish Council's duty to preserve it as such, but he thought it was a disgrace to the parish. "If the original donors of the land could see it today, I should think they would repent of having given it," he said. The subject is to be again raised at a further meeting.

In reply to a letter from the Rural District Council, permission was granted to use the Village Hall in case of need, as a wardens' post for ARP work.

A letter was read from Mr James Hartopp asking that the seat outside the premises being prepared for the "Bull's Head" might be removed. It was proposed and seconded that the letter lie on the table. The seat in question is the one presented to the village by Mr Lloyd James. The chairman said that as to its being outside Mr Hartopp's property, it had been so since it was erected, as Mr Hartopp was then the owner.

Mr Facer raised a complaint about a drain at the corner of the Factory-square. Mr Green said he had seen local residents some weeks ago putting down disinfectant. Mr Green asked when the numbering of houses was to be completed as his house was unnumbered, and as he lived next door to a person of the same name it was inconvenient. Both these matters will be referred to the Rural District Council.

Mr J J Stirling thought a seat or seats might be provided at the corner of Meynell and Barrow roads, where the spinney has been thrown open, and gave notice of a motion to that effect at the next meeting of the Council.

Mr Dexter spoke at some length on the electricity charges. After discussion it was decided to write to the Central Electricity Board and state dissatisfaction and ask for advice as to a successful appeal for reduction in the electricity prices.

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