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Wednesday 21st April 2021  

1,000 for 15-year-old Quorn boy

Loughborough Echo - 9th June 1939

Hand entangled in machinery.

At the Leicestershire Assizes on Friday Mr R H Norris, instructed by Messrs Moss, Deane and Moss, of Loughborough, made application to the judge in an action brought on behalf of Percy Sutton (15), by his father, Walter Eli Sutton, of 46, Leicester Road, Quorn, for the approval of a settlement for 1,000 paid into court in satisfaction of a claim for damages brought by the infant plaintiff against the Wholesale School Boot Co., of Mountsorrel, for personal injuries sustained as a result of a breach of a statutory duty to fence dangerous machinery,.

Mr Norris explained that the infant plaintiff was employed on a heel clamping machine, and got his right hand entangled in the machine, losing the first joint of the middle finger, the two top joints of the third finger, and the whole of the little finger.

Counsel proceeded to say that 1,000 had been paid into court during the proceedings in satisfaction of the claim, and he wished to add that the employers had behaved very well to the boy, who, after his recovery had been found suitable work in another department, having been given a wage increase since his return to work.

The boy's parents wished to accept the 1,000 paid into court, which was a substantial sum, and in view of the fact that the boy had been found suitable employment, and that his employers had promised to take an interest in the boy, he asked his Lordship to approve the settlement.

The judge replied that he considered the settlement a good one, and he gave judgment for the plaintiff for 1,000 accordingly, with costs up to that day. He also gave the usual directions for the transfer of the money to the Loughborough County Court, to be applied for the boy's benefit until he attained the age of 21.

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