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Tuesday 26th May 2020  

A wise course

Loughborough Monitor - August 30th 1900

Samuel E Swann, factory foreman, Quorn, was summoned for assaulting Grace Ward, widow (his mother-in-law) and Mary Jane Swann, his wife, at Quorn. Mr Moss who appeared for the parties, stated that they had lived together and an unfortunate difference arose between them, because Mr Swann had not provided his wife with a home. He lost his temper, and assaulted his wife and her mother. This assault was not a serious one, and it would not be to the interest of any of the parties for a conviction to stand against the defendant, who had been married twelve months. The parties had been to his office, and the defendant had signed an apology, and agreed to provide a separate home for his mother-in-law, and he was instructed to ask for the withdrawal of the summonses. Both complainants were present, and expressed their wish for this course to be adopted, and the Bench acquiesced, the defendant paying the costs.

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