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Friday 29th May 2020  

Theft by a domestic

Loughborough Monitor - August 16th 1900

Louisa Clamp, domestic servant, Castle Gresley, was charged on remand with stealing 18 eggs and half a pound of tea, value 2s 8d., the property of her employer, John Moss, farmer, Quorn Fields, on 13th inst.

Mr Wilfred Moss prosecuted for the Association for the Prosecution of Felons. Prosecutor said the girl had been in his service nearly five weeks. On Monday, during the absence of the family, she left without giving notice. When prosecutor got home he found she had gone and taken her box with her. He went to Quorn, and communicated with PC Adcock, who then went with him towards Barrow Station. Near the bridge they overtook the girl, with a man, who was carrying her box. They took her back to Quorn Fields, and at the constable's request she gave him the key of her box. It was searched, and the eggs and tea were found, together with a quantity of fruit. The girl then said she had put a half a crown on the table in payment for the eggs, and had told the boy Fred so. The boy was called in, and denied this. The girl remained in the house that night, but went off again next morning. As she left her purse behind, she had to return, and was then given into custody.

PC Adcock corroborated as to finding the things in the box. Defendant pleaded guilty, and alleged that she did not have sufficient food, the Chairman remarked that that did not justify her in taking eggs and tea away in her box. Mr Moss said he did not want to press the case, and a fine of 20s or 10 days was imposed.

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