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Quorn Hunt Ball

Loughborough Herald - 5th January 1893

The second annual hunt ball was held on Thursday evening at the Quorn Village Hall. Over 80 ladies and gentlemen attended, and the event was throughout an unqualified success. The stewards were Captain Warner, Mr W B Paget, Mr W E B Farnham, Mr J D Cradock, Mr Hawkes Woodward, Mr E H Warner, General Chippendall, Captain Curzon, Mr J A Le M Hayward, Captain Heygate, Dr Unitt, Messrs P Wright, G Wright, O S Brown, R J Stephens, and Tom Firr.

The hall had been tastefully decorated for the occasion, and the floor had undergone a special preparation, the assistance of Messrs B Clemerson and Son, decorators, Loughborough, having been engaged. Music was supplied by Mr J Addison Adcock's band, and the catering, which gave every satisfaction, was in the hands of Mr Sault, of the White Horse Hotel, Quorn.

The company included Prince and Princess Henry of Pless, Colonel and Mrs Cornwallis West, Miss West, Lord Kenyon, Mr R M P Biddulph, Miss Morton (from Quorn House), Mr and Mrs J Hawkes Woodward, Mr J D Cradock, Mr and Mrs E H Warner, Captain Warner (M.F.H), Mrs Hode, Miss Trapp, Mr Viccars, Mr L W Frank, Mr Toller, Mr C T Parker, Captain Heyward, Mr and Mrs J A Le M Hayward, Mr Leonard Stone, Miss Stone, Mr J Bailey, Miss Bailey, Rev F P Sheriffs, Miss Humphreys, Mr and Mrs M Paterson (Loughborough), Dr Unitt, Miss Harris, Mr W H Staynes and Miss Staynes (Belgrave), Mr and Mrs William Wright (Loughborough), Mr and Mrs James Wright and Miss Wright, Mr P Wright, CC., and Mr and Mrs T Wright (Leicester), Mr Joseph Lockwood, Mr T Fenton, Miss A Banks Wright, Mr and Mrs Burton, Mr Tidmas, Misses Shakespeare, Captain Shakespeare, Miss Eaton Kay, Mr Bagnall Wild, Mr Rich, Rev Foord Kelcey, Mr and Mrs Gibbs (Barkby Firs), Miss Hopkins, Mr W A Burchnall, Mrs and Miss Brown (Quorn), Mr and Mrs Thos. Tyler, Miss Marsh, Miss May Hobson, Miss E Hobson, Mr T L Watson, Mr and Mrs T Firr, Miss Firr, Mr W B Henton, Mr R H Radford, Miss L Sheen, Mr Stephens, Mr Bolesworth, Mr and Mrs Mitchell, Miss Langham.

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