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Wednesday 23rd September 2020  

Upset in Quorn Urban District Council!

The Illustrated Leicester Chronicle
Saturday 24th April 1926

Quorn Vice-Chairman Protests

An extraordinary incident occurred during the proceedings at the Quorn Urban District Council on Tuesday evening, when the vice-chairman walked out of the Council Chamber, describing the action of members of the Council in not electing him to the chair as ‘despicable’.

Mr. D. S. Hack, who is the vice-chairman, by virtue of being the oldest member of the Council, took the chair to open the business. Mr. F. Draper, a new-comer to Quorn, and recently appointed to the Council, proposed that Mr. C. E. Laundon be chairman. Mr. J. J. Stirling seconded.

An amendment was moved by Mr. J. H. Johnson that Mr. D. S. Hack, who, he pointed out, had been vice-chairman for four years, should be elected to the chair. This, he said, was the only constitutional method.
"It is only right that Mr. Hack should be chairman," said Mr. T. Shenton, the retiring chairman, in seconding. On a vote being taken, Messrs. Shenton, Johnson, and Suffolk were for Mr. Hack, and Messrs. F. Draper, Stirling, Orton, and Ward for Mr. Laundon, the latter being declared chairman.

Mr. J. J. Stirling then proposed that Mr. Hack be again vice-chairman, but Mr. Hack immediately rose and declared that after the "despicable action" of the members of the Council he would not accept the position. He thereupon challenged Mr. Laundon to go to the electors and allow them to decide who should fill the position. Mr. Hack left the chamber, resigning his seat. As Mr. J. J. Stirling declined to accept the vice-chairmanship, the retiring chairman was appointed.

The situation has caused much comment, and the supporters of Mr. Hack (who has taken a great part in the public life of the township), are hoping that Mr. Laundon will accept the challenge, and let the electors decide.

Mr. Hack has served on the Council since 1895 continuously, except for one year, when he acted as sanitary inspector. He has worked on all the committees of the Council, and has been chairman of the Highways Committee for the past four or five years.

Having been chairman of the Finance Committee, Mr. Laundon has served on the Council for nearly 18 years.

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