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Sunday 12th July 2020  

St Barts Primary School football team, 1959-60

St Bartholomew’s Primary School football team, 1959-60.

Teachers, left to right: Jack Briers (headmaster), Eric Adkins.
Back row, left to right: Peter Bown, ? Swain, Alan Needham, Alan Speight, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Front row, left to right: David Holders, unknown, unknown, Chris Gamble, Trevor Pervin, James Tweedie, Ray(?) Bonshor.

 missing information Missing information: Can you provide any more names – either forenames or complete names?
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 Submitted on: 2020-06-24
 Submitted by: Photo Mike Speight, additional names John Tweedie.
 Artefact ID: 2400

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