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Thursday 23rd January 2020  

Alfred James Camm, born Quorn 1885, died 1970

Alfred James Camm was born in Quorn in August 1885, he was the son of William Camm a carpenter and his first wife Sarah. He was the grandson of Joseph Camm, who was particularly well known in Quorn, having held many important positions within the village. He was the head of Quorn National School (1830 to 1853), manager of the Quorndon and Mountsorrel Gas, Coke and Coal Company (1853 to 1883), a land surveyor, map & plan maker, overseer of the poor (1852 to 1879), Superintendent registrar and clerk to the Local Board.

Alfred was brought up on Station Road in Quorn and attended Quorn National School on School Lane. He went on to be a gardener and worked at big houses in several parts of the country.

In 1914 Alfred married Augusta Davies in Wales and they had one son Arthur James Camm.

The photographs and card below were kindly given by Alfred’s granddaughter, Lorraine, who also donated an infant school prize book, awarded to Alfred in 1890 – see Artefact 2236.

1. Alfred with his son Arthur in 1924
2. Alfred when he was an ARP Head Warden during WW2
3. A memorial card for Alfred’s mother Sarah who died in Quorn in 1887, when he was just 22 months old.
4. A very brief family chart showing Alfred’s most direct relations.

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