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Thursday 9th July 2020  

Thomas Cradock of Quorn Court

Thomas Cradock was born in Loughborough in 1795. He married Mary Octavia Grover (known as Octavia) in 1841 and they first lived in Woodhouse, before moving to Quorn Court on High Street in Quorn in 1850. He served as secretary to the Quorn Hunt for many years, as eventually did his son John Davys Cradock.

Thomas was a solicitor and joined his father in the firm of Cradock and Sons in Loughborough, (later to become Woolley, Beardsleys and Bosworth), in 1821. Thomas was also a banker and went into partnership with Edward Chatterton Middleton, the son of William Middleton who opened the first bank in Loughborough in 1795. Middleton Bank, later to become Middleton and Cradock, operated from the premises in Loughborough Market Place, that are now occupied by HSBC. Thomas Cradock died in Quorn in 1863. He is buried in Quorn Churchyard and a marble memorial plaque hangs directly behind the pulpit in Quorn Parish Church.

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