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Thursday 21st November 2019  

Thomas Lucas, jeweller, Quorn - Watch paper

Watch papers were round papers, placed between the inner and outer case of a pocket watch, partly to protect the inner workings, but also as advertisements for watchmakers and watch repairers.

This watch paper relating to Thomas Lucas, is held by Leicestershire Museum Services. It says:
“T. Lucas, Watch and Clock maker, High Street, Quorndon.”
It then looks like:
“Plate, rings and jewellery repaired”
Around the outside it says:
“To make the watch go slower turn the Regulator the same way as you wind up the watch, faster, the contrary.”

The first Thomas Lucas and his family moved to Quorn from Nottingham in 1845, when Quorn had a thriving lace industry. By 1861, his son, born in 1835 and also called Thomas, is recorded as running a watchmaking business in the village. Thomas Lucas (junior), married Fanny Rennocks from Quorn and they went on to have several children, including their eldest son born in 1863, another Thomas, who carried on the family business. This Thomas Lucas married Sarah Jane Jesson from Quorn in 1885. He ran the jewellers and clockmakers business from what is now no. 7 High Street, on Quorn Cross. Thomas died in 1929 aged 66 years. Thomas and Sarah had six children - their eldest son, John Jesson Lucas died in WW1, aged just 19 and his name is on Quorn war memorial.

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