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Wednesday 3rd June 2020  

Gladys and Inis Rumsby, Church Lane, Quorn, 1909

These photographs were taken in about 1909 and the two young girls are twins, Gladys and Inis Rumsby. Their parents were Tertius and Mary Jane Rumsby. Tertius was one of nine children and his older brother James ran the White Hart pub.

1911 census records show that Tertius and his family were living at what is now part of 115 Meeting Street (Appletree Cottage). When researching, it became obvious that the photographs were not taken there, as the Meeting Street property is made completely of granite.

1910 tax records revealed that the family must have moved in late in 1910 or early in 1911, as on the 1910 returns they are recorded as living on Church Lane in Quorn. From these documents, and also from the photographs, it seems almost certain that the family lived at what is now 17 Church Lane (next-door but one to the Churchyard). It is thought that the photographs were taken in their back garden.

Niq Scott, grandson of Glady Rumsby, who supplied the photographs, knew that the soldier in the second picture was ‘Uncle Sam’, but was not sure where he fitted in to her family. It seems very likely that this is Samuel Hartshorn, who was Mary Jane Rumsby's (nee Hartsorn) brother, and was an uncle to Gladys and Inis. He would have been about 21 or 22 at the time. It seems likely that the lady in the photograph is their mother, Mary Jane Rumsby.

Gladys Rumsby married Albert Henry Wheatcroft in Quorn in 1931, and she died in 2007 at the grand age of 102.

 Submitted on: 2019-01-02
 Submitted by: Niq Scott/Sue Templeman
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