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Wednesday 20th February 2019  

Aerial view of Wright's factory and surrounding area - approx 1952

This aerial photograph was taken in the early 1950s, as evidenced by the size of the lime trees in Stafford Orchard, which were planted in, or just before, 1952.

There have been many changes and some of them are highlighted by the numbered features.

1. Nut Row
2. The Hall on the Green (Facers furniture shop), now four shops including the Post Office.
3. The old Co-op – now Bradleys
4. The village green – now the carpark
5. The old lock up (now Bianca’s Pizza)
6. The old Dower House
7. The colonnade of lime trees, freshly planted on Stafford Orchard.
8. Part of Wrights Mill
9. Wrights chimney
10.Large slide on Stafford Orchard
11.Roundabout (witch’s hat) on Stafford Orchard
12.The Mill House pub and the Crown and Cushion

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