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Monday 20th January 2020  

Quorn, Beating the Bounds, May 1917

Loughborough Echo - Friday 18th May 1917

QUORN, BEATING THE BOUNDS On Wednesday evening a revival of this ancient custom took place in the village, when the Vicar, Rev. H. H. Rumsey, and a number of parishioners formed in procession, and headed by the cross bearer, visited several parts of the parish and offered suitable prayers.

Note: Beating the bounds was/is an ancient church custom, whereby a group of both old and young members of the community would walk the boundaries of the parish, usually led by the vicar. The aim was to share the knowledge of where the parish boundaries lay, and to pray for protection and blessings for the lands. Parish boundary stones were often beaten with twigs and branches in order to reinforce the memory. Before maps were produced which would record such information, it was essential that the extent of parish boundaries was passed down through the memories of parishioners, generation by generation.

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