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W E Cooke - A Cottage Yard at Quorn, in colour

This picture, 'A Cottage Yard at Quorn', was by Quorn artist W E Cooke, but this version is unusual as it is in colour. It is difficult to tell if it is a print or an original, but it is probably a print as it appears to be the same sketch as in artefact 1971, but has been washed with colour. This drawing appeared in William Cooke's first volume of pictures 'Views in Leicestershire' which was published in the 1880s.

For more details about William Cooke, please refer to artefact 1888.

So far it has not been possible to identify the location of the cottage yard, but it quite likely that it has long since disappeared.

Thanks to John Jarram and Debbie Phillips who rescued the picture from a car boot sale and kindly allowed Sue Templeman to photograph it!

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 Submitted on: 2017-04-30
 Submitted by: John Jarram and Debbie Phillips
 Artefact ID: 1983

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