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Monday 25th January 2021  

St Bartholomew’s Primary School, summer 1951

Back row, left to right: Teacher Miss Bratton, then, probably Denise Gretton, ?, ?, John Commons, ?, Roger Sutton, Valerie Dowding, could be Caroline Hetherington.
Middle row, left to right: Keith Penny, ?, ?, ?, Monica Patrick, Keith Perry, Gloden Horbury, ?, Pat Halford, John Stirling.
Front row, left to right: David Moore, Val Batty, Marion Gamble, Isabel Patrick, probably Susan Palmer, Maureen James, Chris Sharp, ?, Gloria Allen

 missing information Missing information: Can you provide any of the missing or uncertain names?
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 Submitted on: 2016-11-13
 Submitted by: Chris Sharp, additional information by Valerie Marks (nee Dowding) and Marion Eaglestone (nee Gamble)
 Artefact ID: 1956

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