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Mountsorrel Quarry - then and now 1972 and 1995

An aerial view of what was Buddon Wood, now mostly removed by quarrying activities leaving just a vestige of the wood around the quarry perimeter. The old image is from 1972; the present day image is from the mid 1990s. The symmetrical shape at the top of each image is the Victorian waterworks next to the reservoir causeway. The reservoir shape is common to both images as are many of the field boundaries.

Swithland Reservoir and Buddon Wood are at the top and the (originally small) Mountsorrel Quarry is at the bottom. The planning permission to excavate granite covers the wood and the middle strip, as well as Mountsorrel Quarry.

On the right near the top are the grounds of Quorn House and a part of the wood owned by Ald. George Farnham which is not included in the quarrying permit.

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