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Saturday 17th August 2019  

Rabbit v Ferret - 1926

Loughborough Echo - 26th March 1926

Harold James, Station Road, Quorn, sued Walter James, also of Station Road, Quorn, for 3, the value of a prize rabbit which had been killed by defendant's ferret. Both parties were minors. Although of the same name and living in the same road, they were not related. Mr R Lancaster appeared for the plaintiff.

Plaintiff's case was that he owned a black and tan buck rabbit, which he kept in a hutch in a lock up wooden shed. Defendant's ferret escaped and killed the rabbit, which the owner valued at 5, as it had taken several prizes. In view, however, of the defendant's position, he was only claiming 3.

The defence was that the rabbit was not sufficiently protected, the ferret getting in through a hole in the door. An offer of 30/- had been refused by the plaintiff.

His Honour gave judgment for the plaintiff for 3.

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