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Friday 5th June 2020  

Sewing Circle, 1950s

This photograph is a Quorn sewing circle, that is thought to have met at Quorn Court on High Street, the home of Colonel and Mrs Toller. On the back it says 'make do and mend' - was that a nickname for the group? The picture looks as if it was taken during the 1950s.

The only names we have at present are:
8. Edith Dean, wife of John Dean. She lived at 44 Barrow Road, and then 9 Castledine Street.
13. Mrs Toller
18. Emily Holmes

Can you identify anyone else?

 missing information Missing information: Can you identify anyone else, or can you remember anything else about this sewing circle?
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 Submitted on: 2012-04-04
 Submitted by: Pete and Jill Johnson
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