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Wednesday 3rd June 2020  

Ninety years old and cultivates 1,000 square yards of garden.

Loughborough Echo - 17th August 1945

Fine record of Quorn man

Mr William Paget, of Quorn, was 90 years of age on Sunday last. His son, Mr Alfred Paget, of Barrow-on-Soar is 70, and his grandson, Mr William Alfred Paget is 46. The oldest son of Mr W A Paget - Roy Paget - is 20, thus making a total of 226 years, a big total for four generations.

Mr Paget went to the Quorn C of E School until he was eight years old. The headmaster at that time was a Mr Vaux. Upon leaving school he worked as a plough driver on the land for the handsome salary of 3/- per week. Though only a child he worked for 11.5 hours a day. From farm work he went to factory work at the firm of Messrs Websters on the Leicester-road at Quorn. He was employed there on the hand frames, manufacturing stockings until that firm was taken over by Messrs Wrights.

With the revival of trade, Mr Paget worked in the wood-yard belonging to Mr Saunders, in Meeting-street. Following that work he went to the Quorn Gas Works as stoker and upon the retirement of his father, who had for many years been the stoker at Wrights, Mr Paget took over that job, which he held for 40 years until his retirement at the age of 70.

Mr Paget told the Echo representative that during his early working days he was lucky of he was paid 20/- per week to feed a wife and five small children.

"For this," he said, "I had to be at work at 4 o'clock in the morning to stoke-up for the ordinary workers who arrived at 5-30."

The ages of Mr Paget, together with his five children - Mr Alf Paget (70), Mrs S Chamberlain (68), Mrs E Orton (66), Mrs E Underwood (64) and Mrs F Price (58) - total 416 years with an average age of 69 years 4 months. Mr Paget has seven grandsons and one grand-daughter, and 17 great grandchildren.

Since his retirement Mr Paget, in spite of the strenuous task of stoking, has remained remarkably active. He cultivate his garden with a total area of 1,000 sq yards, every foot of ground being set.

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