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Thursday 2nd July 2020  

High Street Advert from 1959

An advertisment for Aylward and Son, television engineers. It is interesting to note the 3 figure telephone number.

Anthony Cove has supplied some additional information:
"Aylwards was an electrical shop next door to the White Hart on High Street. Next door to that was Dr Wykes's surgery, where one just went inside, sat down & waited one's turn. The Aylward family lived at no 3 Castledine Avenue, Quorn"

Brian Shuttlewood also recollects:
"This shop was indeed next to the White Hart and was taken over by Halfords. David Halford had a Black & Yellow Ford
van which he used for the business but also for village events. He had a 12 volt "Tannoy" system on the top and would compere the annual Fete, sports days etc; when I was 13 years old he let me have a go at it, and that started me off public speaking.
There is a photo of the High Street with this van parked outside the shop.
I believe David's father was Jack Halford.

I have heard on many occasions people telling me that Aylwards did the accumilator charging for the village radio sets."

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